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VM35 (3,500 lm multi function video light)

VM35 (3,500 lm multi function video light)

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The ultimate multi function video light, this light has it all! 

Key features include:
  * 3,500 lumen 100 degree beam video light
  * 1,000 lumen 7 degree narrow beam for use as a snoot and general dive light
  * Red light for use as a focus light
  * UV and Blue lights for capturing those incredible fluorescence shots
  * CRI of Ra 90 provides vibrant and realistic colours

The VM35 is the perfect choice for the photographer and videographer that wants to get high quality underwater photos and video across a range of different styles.

Typically used as a single multi function light teamed up with a pair of V80s or V180s, or as a pair of VM35s when a more compact setup is preferred. 

Output Levels and Runtimes 3,500 lm Wide White Light / 65 mins
2,400 lm Wide White Light / 105 mins
1,600 lm Wide White Light / 155 mins
1,000 lm Spot Light / 180 mins
800 lm Red Light / 150 mins
800 lm Blue Light / 120 mins
UV light / 110 mins
Beam Angle 100 degree Wide Beam (including red, blue, UV)
7 degree Spot Beam
Colour Temperature 5000 K
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) Ra 90
Depth Rating 100 m
Battery 26800 li-ion re-chargeable
Battery Capacity 6800 mAh
Charger 2A USB Charger
Charge Time Approx. 5 hours
Weight (incl battery) 400g
Size 152 x 54mm
Warranty 2 Year
Included in Box Light, battery, charger, wrist lanyard, spare o-rings, 35mm ball joint bracket




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