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D11 (1,100 lumen)

D11 (1,100 lumen)

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This light is quite unique in that it has a 5 degree beam angle, where the light is focussed in the hot spot with very little light in the halo.   This makes the D11 an incredibly bright light for it's lumen output.  It also gives it quite a specific use case. 

It is an excellent light during the day where a narrow beam angle will punch further through the water and provide a brighter hot spot that can be seen clearly with the ambient light from the sun. So ideal for divers and free divers who are using the light during the day. 

It's also excellent as a tech diving light.  The narrow beam is excellent for signalling and means in a silt out it will minimise the light reflected back at the divers eyes.  Anywhere where there is poor visibility this will be a great light. 


Output Levels and Runtimes High: 1100 lm / 4 hrs
Low: 500 lm / 8 hrs
Beam Angle 5 Degree
Depth Rating 100 m
Battery 26650 li-ion re-chargeable
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
Charger 2A USB charger
Charge Time Approx. 4 hours
Weight (incl battery) 275g
Size 158 x 55mm
Warranty 2 Year
Included in Box Light, battery, charger, wrist lanyard,
spare o-rings and quick start guide



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