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TEC40 Back (4,200 lumen back mount canister light)

TEC40 Back (4,200 lumen back mount canister light)

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One of the best value Canister Lights money can buy! 

  • Has a very tight beam angle 
  • Is the brightest light available in this price range 
  • Comes with the highest quality battery available 

The TEC40 Back is designed for backmount diving where the cable come straight out of the battery.


Output Levels and Runtimes
4200 lm / 4 hour
3100 lm / 5.5 hour
2000 lm / 7.5 hour
1000lm / 15 hour
Beam Angle 6 Degree
Depth Rating 100 m
Battery 14.4V 6800mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery indicator Blue 70-100%
Green 30-70%
Red 5 - 30%
Flashing Red 2 - 5%
Charger 3A External Charger
Charge Time Approx. 3 hours
Weight (including battery) 1140g
Switch Push button (press and hold)
Included in Box Battery pack
Soft Goodman Glove
2 x Spare O-rings
Battery cap
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